Voices from the Audience

“Thank you so much for your timely and passionate presentation to our leadership professionals and volunteers. The message was right on target for this dedicated group of people and they left our conference truly inspired.”
Nan - Richardson, Texas

“I received numerous compliments regarding your level of enthusiasm, method of delivery, and inspirational content from members of the audience in the weeks following our event. The passion and sincerity that you exhibited re-affirmed the decision to select you as our keynote speaker.”
Kevin - Jacksonville, Florida

“Paul spoke to our group of 300 Greek leaders about inspired teamwork and leadership. He brilliantly supplemented what we strive to instill in our students on a daily basis. The students were engaged and continued their excitement and discussion of Paul’s words into the following days.”
Jill - Harrisonburg, Virginia

“Paul, so much wisdom, perception, energy, love of life and people–I can’t say enough for what I received from you today. You touched on so many things today that made me think of my job, my family, love for my God, and what is still to come in my life, and what I want to happen around me to the end of my life. I just wanted to say ‘thanks’ for making a difference in my day and in my life today. I would have loved to have kept you with me for the entire day!”
Claudette - Little Rock, Arkansas

“On behalf of the FACCM Board of Directors, I am thankful to you and your organization for the valuable support you offered by presenting at our annual conference. We were pleased to have you participate and our providers benefited greatly from your presentation. Your evaluations included comments such as ‘Great session’ ‘Very inspiring’ ‘Amazing’ ‘Fantastic’ ‘Great motivator’ and ‘Awesome!’ Thank you for doing a tremendous job!”
Lisa - Fort Myers, Florida

“Words cannot fully explain how grateful I am to you for recommending Paul Vitale. All I can say is lives were changed because of his message, his inspiration, and his unbelievable ability to hit grand slams when thrown curve balls, fast pitches, and more from our principals. We absolutely had the best Leadership Retreat ever, and I attribute a large part of it to Paul.”
Cindy - Austin, Texas

“Motivating a vast, diverse group of people to realize their potential seems like a daunting task. But your enthusiasm about the topics you present and the way you interact with those in attendance make it seem effortless. Students and parents were ready to make a difference in our community.”
Angie - Russellville, Arkansas

“Thank you, Paul! Your energy and passion are contagious. Thank you for coming and reinforcing what we should be doing every day.”
Michael - Sacramento, California

“Speaker Paul Vitale was a firecracker full of life with informative ideas. He earned top honors in all of the evaluations.”
Annette - Cincinnati, Ohio