Setting the Tempo for Achievement

Setting the Tempo for AchievementWhether a student chooses to strive toward the attainment of a post-secondary education or enter the workforce directly, now is the time to continue challenging learners to set the correct tempo for career achievement.

Following much research based on the proven character traits of those who have blazed trails before us, Paul developed the animated presentation Setting the Tempo for Achievement not only to encourage students to realize their maximum potential, but also to showcase individuals who have accomplished unforgettable success.

During this interactive multi-media presentation, Paul not only shares in-depth remarks and observations, but challenges students to:

Identify Your Individual Talent

  • Travel a path that brings joy to your journey
  • Always be willing to undergo self-assessment
  • Identify and set innovative goals

Continue Perfecting Your Edge

  • Practice, practice, and practice your art
  • Develop and maintain your portfolio
  • Locate a trusted career mentor/coach

Unleash a Fury of Motivation

  • Persist in developing a sturdy work ethic
  • Promote a renewed attitude
  • Shed negative influences

Exercise an Abundance of Patience

  • Make an effort to develop plans A, B, & C
  • Investigate financial options
  • Continue constructing your network

Recognize Your Range of Opportunities

  • Take advantage of internships and shadowing programs
  • Stay current on global issues and job trends
  • Travel the world as often as possible

Regardless of the career path one is setting their sights on, it is never too early to begin the preparation process. The more knowledge acquired about a particular occupation, the better equipped an individual will be when taking the next step. While preparing for the workforce, students should feel poised for success as they set the tempo for their own unique achievement! There is no better time than the present to once more instill a sense of self-pride and encouragement in the hearts and minds of students of all ages. This message does just that!

For more information on how this impactful presentation can be an asset to your students, please contact Paul today.