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I attended Manila High and was part of the class of 2012. During that time, you came to speak to the student body . During your speech I asked a question, the topic of which I can’t recall. I do, however, remember your response. I am writing to thank you for what you said to me that day. High school wasn’t the best time for me and I do not look back and smile on much that happened there. However, that day stands out from the rest. I’ve since gone on to attend college where I met my wife and graduated Cum Laude with a Bachelor’s degree. I now work for a great company that has attractive benefits and compensation. I’m well on my way to a successful career and life and I think you have had something to do with that. Your words have stuck with me the entire time through this journey. You might not remember our encounter, but I wanted to let you know that you impacted my life. You gave me a sense of worth and confidence that has stuck with me and surely will for the rest of my life.
posted by Nicholas on 4/27/2017

I would like to thank you so much for coming to speak to our CTE students at Hot Springs High School. I have had the great pleasure of hearing you speak multiple times for; FCCLA and the FACS Conference. I would like you to know my students had a lot of great things to say about you. I would also like to say my student Mariah (one of the girls in the dance off) said she really enjoyed it. She said she really needed to hear your message today. I just wanted to personally thank you for coming to our school. The students really needed the inspiration. No matter how much we say it as teachers, they need to hear it from outside sources. Thank you so much for everything you do.
posted by Sarah Graham on 3/23/2017

It was an amazing experience to hear you speak back in April and today. You have motivated me to pay more attention to helping others, in bettering myself, and working harder. Thank you so much!,
posted by Jazmun on 9/21/2015

So inspiring! Definitely thinking about joining the Hero Club. Thanks so much Mr. Vitale!
posted by Konner on 9/21/2015

I think you have left a lifelong impression on our students! Thank you for all that you do!
posted by Paula Whitehead on 9/21/2015

My daughter has never come home from school this excited about a class or program. She is very pumped up and ready to work on improving the morale or her school and community!!!
posted by Pangburn mom on 8/27/2015

Great speaker and wonderful message for our kids!
posted by Debbie on 8/21/2015

Hey Mr. Vitale, my name is Katie B. and I am from Pocahontas, AR. Today when you were at my school you really opened my eyes. Thank you for your great words today, sir.
posted by Katie on 6/15/2015

Hello Mr. Vitale! I am one of the seniors who you came up to and shook hands with today while asking my name. I want to let you know how inspiring you are. I was having a bad day until you came bouncing up to me and my friends excited like and full of energy. Your positive attitude and happy energy completely turned my day around. After hearing your lecture I had to do a life check. You have inspired me to be more happy and energetic and be a positive influence on others. I can only hope to be as successful as you are not with wealth and fame but in confidence and being positive. I completely understand why you chose your profession, because you are the definition of a motivational speaker. You kept my (and everyone else's) attention and made me want to learn what you were speaking about. Your positive attitude and joy of life and its opportunities is contagious and thank you for passing it on to me! Bless you and your little girl! Thank you for sharing with my school today!
posted by Kasey on 6/15/2015

You are an amazing motivational speaker!
posted by Kate on 6/15/2015

Thank you for coming today, you are truly amazing!
posted by Hannah on 6/15/2015

Mr. Vitale, My name is Kammi. I am an eighth grade student at Pocahontas Jr. High School, and I wanted to thank you for being at my school today. When you were speaking, I reflected on myself and my efforts. I appreciate that you came to the school. It made me realize what I'm doing with my life and what I'm doing when I graduate. I'm going to be a public speaker like you. Again, thank you. Please, come again when it's most convenient!
posted by Kammi on 6/15/2015

Hello Mr Vitale! I'm from Pocahontas high school. I just wanted to personally thank you for coming and speaking here today! It was a real pleasure. Thank you for your time!
posted by Jamie Lynn on 6/15/2015

That was an amazing speech today at Rivercrest. It really touched me in a way because I know now I can do or be anything I set my mind to. You are a great motivator. Great job today, Paul!
posted by Tezhane on 6/15/2015

Thanks for coming to our school and bringing a great message. It was a much needed wake up call to our student body. I had a great time listening and being a part of your presentation. I just want to say you are a part of the Cardinal family now. Thank you again for your wonderful message.
posted by Jacob on 11/20/2014

I always look forward to seeing you every year! You are one of my main reasons for turning myself around and treating people kindly and helping everyone out! I will miss seeing your speech next year for I am graduating this year. Keep going strong!
posted by Brittney Clayton on 5/7/2014

You have personally inspired me to take a stand in my school life. From your powerful words, I gained the courage to reach for my goals. Thank you so much for what you do.
posted by Paige on 4/18/2014

Several students talked to me after your breakout session today and told me how much it meant to them and how much they appreciated your honesty. Because of you sharing your experiences, the students see that just because you get knocked down that does not mean you have to stay there. You were a great example for our students today and I wanted to extend my personal thanks.
posted by Melody Couch on 4/18/2014

Thank you for talking to our middle school student body. We enjoyed having you and hearing you tell your story. We liked how energetic and fun you were. You kept our attention the whole time. We really enjoyed having you at St. Edward School.
posted by Logan on 3/19/2014

Paul Vitale has come to Armorel since I was in the 7th grade. He speaks with such passion and so much positive energy, it's hard not to feel more empowered or confident after one of his speeches. I am beyond happy that he came today. I needed it, but I'm going to miss his speeches! Paul, you have to come to Arkansas Northeastern College next year!
posted by Amanda Lynn on 3/11/2014

Thank you for your wonderful presentation! Lots of positive feedback from our kids! Appreciate you!
posted by Mary Smith on 2/27/2014

You, sir, inspired my baby girl and her best friend. She came home and told me how much she enjoyed your presentation, and you really gave her a much needed boost!! Paul keep up the good work; our children need more good people like you!
posted by Tracy Ritz on 2/27/2014

I was very inspired by you today. Thank you for coming to speak with us.
posted by Bree on 2/27/2014

You visited my alma mater today. This is the only time I would love to be back in high school…I always loved when you came to Manila!
posted by Spencer Smith on 2/27/2014

Mr. Vitale, You are very good at encouraging students to actually go to the next level in their lives. You encouraged me to set my goal and achieve it. Thank you.
posted by Jesse on 6/17/2013

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