Strategic Planning

Regardless of the size of any one organization, incorporating a systematic process increases the odds of long-term growth. Business owners and managers are often so preoccupied with immediate challenges that they lose sight of their ultimate goals and objectives. Because of this, the review of internal processes along with the preparation of a functional strategic plan is vital.

As the moderator of your planning session, Paul brings a forward-thinking approach that garners results. His six-step process entails the following:

Evaluate and define the current vision and mission

  • Objectives
  • Values
  • Benefits
  • Strategies

Conduct an in-depth SWOT analysis in all pertinent areas

  • Sales and branding
  • Management and operations
  • Systems and technology
  • Finances and allowances
  • Marketplace and competition

Create an improved future vision and mission based on the outcome of the SWOT analysis

  • Objectives
  • Values
  • Benefits
  • Strategies

Identify major issues needing to be addressed to implement positive improvements

  • Build on strengths
  • Resolve weaknesses
  • Exploit opportunities
  • Avoid threats

Develop a measureable action plan for each issue identified

  • State issue and indicate how to measure success
  • Classify key actions leading to successful outcomes
  • Delegate responsibility for actions
  • Delineate appropriate time-frame
  • Outline resource/support requirements

Amass the appropriate content for distribution and implementation

  • Timely distribution
  • Accountable implementation

The outcome of Paul’s system will not only clarify vision, mission, objectives, core values, benefits, and key strategies, it will also detect the most critical strategic issues facing your organization while identifying relevant action plans as remedies for ongoing success.

For more information on how this strategic planning process can be an asset to your organization, please contact Paul today.