Self-Discovery & Career Coaching

Whether you are planning to graduate from a secondary or post-secondary institution, are a seasoned professional, or fall somewhere in-between, Paul will assist you in identifying a rewarding career path, help maneuver your transition, and offer continued support and guidance throughout your progression.

By drawing on his experience and that of the many others he has advised, you will be encouraged to embark on a mission of self-discovery that will help you pinpoint your interests, preferences, and passions toward a career. Through a detailed career assessment you will learn more about who you are, the abilities and talents you possess, what your vision of success is, and the most effective path to achieving it. This process produces enormous results when wanting to close the gap between your present situation and future ambitions. A sampling of assessment questions includes:

  • What do I represent as a human being?
  • What matters most in my life?
  • What am I truly passionate about?
  • What are my strengths and weaknesses?
  • How do I define success?
  • What am I willing to sacrifice to be successful?
  • What matters least in my life?
  • Where do I need more accountability in my life?

Based on the results from your evaluation, specific solutions and recommendations will be offered by Paul in conjunction with a forward-focused framework that will encourage action and accountability. By clearly defining and articulating your desires, challenges, and reservations, your unique pathway will become more evident and much easier to completely embrace. In addition, extensive coaching will be provided in three critical areas of career development:

  • Résumé and cover letter development
  • Interviewing/Communication skills
  • Business/Technology etiquette

These topics will be addressed and tackled individually with a sense of great urgency and regard. Those who consistently achieve successful results do so through understanding the significance of details. Therefore, these objectives, in conjunction with all others, are designed to speak to the most meticulous areas of your self-discovery and career journey. Regardless of your current circumstances, the instruction received will not only challenge you to take control of your future career path, but assist you in creating a plan that will help in the attainment of your goals and objectives.

For more information on how Paul’s expertise as a mentor can be an asset to your overall plan, please contact Paul today.