Art & Business of Entrepreneurship

Entrepreneurship is, and should be, an exciting and rewarding endeavor for anyone who chooses to pursue it. However, regardless of the type of entrepreneur you are, there are pitfalls to maneuver. Based on his own experience as a successful small-business founder, Paul consults with individuals launching new endeavors as well as those who have been at the helm for years.

Paul’s initial focus during this strategic advisement is creating and/or redefining a logical approach based on the results of an in-depth SWOT analysis conducted in order to achieve maximum results. Through an extensive evaluation period, Paul will offer structured support and guidance as all strengths, weaknesses, opportunities, and threats are defined and discussed. This process will be of enormous assistance as the following components are characterized and established:

  • Vision – the clearly defined goals and objectives of your desired concept
  • Mission – the specific tasks and activities visualized to achieve your end result
  • Values – the principles and ideology you deem significant
  • Strategy – the established plan for your short- and long-term achievement
  • Consumers – the distinctly identified sector of your targeted clientele
  • Database management – the tracking and organization of client information
  • Marketing – the most effective branding, advertising, and publicity approach
  • Sales – the inventory of all sales tools and the overall process being used by those selling
  • Competition – the clear discernment of your potential rivals
  • Technology – the most precise methods of utilizing current applications

As an adviser to you and your entrepreneurial campaign, Paul will work diligently to provide clarity, help you to establish an attainable goal-set, outline the most effective business plan, inaugurate an appropriate call-to-action/accountability strategy, and help identify any impediments that may hold you back.

For more information on how Paul’s expertise as a consultant can be an asset to your overall plan, please contact Paul today.