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As they do each year, millions of people gathered with friends and family to watch the world’s preeminent sporting event, Super Bowl 50. Thought of by many as just the NFL Championship Game, the Super Bowl is that and so much more. The days leading up to the big game are always filled with activities familiar to the fans such as the Super Bowl Experience, Media Day, Autograph Signings, and much more. What is truly remarkable, though, are the many events that are hosted by and in recognition of current and former coaches and athletes, foundations, and organizations that assist the masses, many of which fly “under the radar.”

I had the distinct pleasure of attending some of those gatherings last month with my good friend, Super Bowl XLVII Champion Matt Birk. During Mike Ditka and Ron Jaworskis, Ditka & Jaws Cigars with the Stars, the opportunity to witness first hand committed individuals gathered together to applaud football’s crowning achievement—while increasing awareness of their important causes—was inspiring on many levels. Having the chance to discuss initiatives and goals with like-minded individuals during these various events has me excited about future progress at many levels.

Events such as “Cigars with the Stars” and “Taste of the NFL” utilize the platform of one of the largest sporting events in the world to spotlight and support many great charities. The commitment and extended influence of numerous former players and coaches to better the lives of others reinforces one of football’s most enduring aspects: the importance of teamwork and the brotherhood of the game. For all of the ways the sport of football positively impacts those in need, we are forever grateful.


The National Tour Association’s Travel Exchange 2016 recently brought together participants in Atlanta from all across the globe with the express intention of networking and building business. I was thrilled to have the opportunity to once again work with this trend-setting organization! Travel Exchange (TREX) unites NTA and FTA members on one floor to offer travel professionals from around the world the best business-building show in the industry. With education sessions that deliver specific takeaways and how-tos that members can put into practice as soon as they return home, TREX delivers results.

Founded in 1951, the National Tour Association is the premier organization of packaged travel professionals who serve travelers to, from, and within North America. NTA’s 700+ buyer members are tour operators who package travel domestically and around the world as well as travel agents who sell these tours. NTA’s seller members—500 destinations and 1,100 tour suppliers—specialize in markets such as student, family, faith, adventure, culinary, China inbound and more. During my time in Atlanta, it was a privilege to moderate the Members’ Solutions talks as well as present two sessions, “The WOW Factor—Presenting with Ease” and “Office, Email, and Social Media—Etiquette for a New Age.” To learn more about this dynamic organization and read a brief submission penned by yours truly, take a few moments to flip through NTA’s premier magazine Courier. Thank you to the outstanding team of NTA for having me back!


The 5th Annual Texas Coaches Leadership Summit held in San Antonio last month was a first-class event. It was awesome to be a part of such a terrific lineup and speak alongside greats such as Charlotte Jones Anderson, Matt Birk, and Chad Hennings. The day-long summit is the signature event of the Texas High School Coaches Education Foundation. The elite group of speakers for the day of learning included Tony Evans, Carey Casey, Clint Rutledge, Ken Rucker, and Kevin DeShazo. The primary purpose of this high-powered gathering is to unite coaches from across the state of Texas with a singular purpose.

As so eloquently stated by the Foundation’s leadership, “Over the years, the state of our society has significantly changed and children are flooding into our educational system laden with social issues that could hinder or negate their chances for success. If a coach can effectively utilize the platform that athletics provides to teach not only the sport, but life skills and principles such as commitment, service, leadership, respect, responsibility, and teamwork, we could start to change the downward slide of our country. This movement can only come through a coaching profession that is united in its purpose to Coach Beyond the Game!” It was a true privilege to work alongside these dedicated individuals and I can’t thank D.W. Rutledge and his team enough for including me. I hope to have the honor to work with this outstanding Foundation again in the near future.



An outstanding group of young people gathered recently at the Charles B. Dyer Arena in Alma for "Fear No Career,” hosted by the Guy Fenter Education Service Cooperative. I was honored to present the keynote message to the approximately 1,500 students in attendance. Their engagement was excellent and the interaction was off the charts! Having the chance to interface with businesses representing a diverse cross-section of industries presented the attendees with unlimited career choices. Students having the opportunity to participate now recognize that the sky is the limit as they pursue their interests. If you know a young person searching for tools to help in their career choice, click the photo on the left for some quick tips that may assist their efforts!



The 2016 Indiana Farm Bureau’s Spring Conference truly held “Something for Everyone!” The committed individuals who attended this dynamic event in Indianapolis demonstrated the importance and impact of legacy in business, agriculture, and farming. With a purpose “to be an effective advocate for farmers” through its policies and programs, Indiana Farm Bureau promotes agriculture and improves the economic and social welfare of its member families. It was a true privilege to present "Inspired Leadership in Action" to the multi-generational audience.

Founded on March 25, 1919, Indiana’s largest general farm organization was formed by farmers who were determined to work together to solve the problems with which they were faced. With a proven track record, the Indiana Farm Bureau stands for private enterprise systems, preservation of property rights, individual citizenship responsibility, and strong public education, to name just a few.The hallmark characteristic of the entire Farm Bureau organization, from the county Farm Bureau to the American Farm Bureau Federation, is its member-driven, grassroots governing structure. With a purpose and passion to assist members on all levels, may the AGVENTURES of the Indiana Farm Bureau and its members continue for generations to come!



Over the years, students I have had the privilege to serve have enriched my life in immeasurable ways. The challenges and insights they have shared during our assemblies and small group sessions have in turn helped other students moving forward. The students’ needs, teacher and administrator requests, and identified school and workplace necessities are the foundation of my three marquee academic presentations, “A Hero Within—Today's Youth, Tomorrow's Leaders,” “Setting the Tempo for Achievement,” and “Peak Performance U-7 Essential Skills for the Workplace.”  These presentations were constructed to strengthen students’ soft and basic/core skills, foster character development, and heighten pride in their state.

Providing students every available resource to advance their personal and academic achievement is crucial to their education. My goal is to assist that mission. If you or an educator you know is interested in learning more about these character and workplace skills offerings, please feel free to contact me at 501-663-1454 or via email at!



For an individual whose interest is often perked by various examples and analogies surrounding the basic concept of teamwork, I’m often amazed by the knowledge that can be gleaned from observing the things around us—whether a bird, an insect, our general surroundings, and so on.

From pre-school to high school, we learn quickly that living means being a part of a team. Coming together for various reasons, the idea of playing a role within a unit larger than oneself has become second nature in the society in which we live. SWAT teams, paramedics, utility services, governmental boards, and others all depend on individuals teaming up and working together toward a common cause....more from Paul’s Blog


As you continue planning your next event, my team and I at Vital Communications, Inc. are on standby to assist. Whether motivating, team building, facilitating, or educating others, I will bring knowledge, energy, and professionalism to your organization. Knowing that securing funding for various trainings and events can be quite difficult, I welcome the opportunity to negotiate terms in the event there are any fiscal concerns. For specific information, please visit our website, online brochure, or call 501-663-1454 to speak directly with me!


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