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It was a distinct privilege to present a message of hope and empowerment during Sunnyhill's Cocktail Reception and Celebrity Dinner Party this spring at The Legends Country Club, followed by a dynamic session with the individuals who are the beating heart of this fantastic organization. Witnessing the sea of support from various athletes, celebrities, and community leaders throughout the two day event was not only impressive, but extremely inspiring.

Sunnyhill Inc. exists to provide residential, recreational, and educational support for children and adults with developmental disabilities. With the continued support of those who were a part of the festivities culminating in the 9th Annual Jim Hart Celebrity Golf Classic, Sunnyhill, Inc. will serve their target population for many years to come—insuring a successful mission of empowering the children and adults they serve to become productive citizens and achieve their individual dreams. To learn more about this tremendous organization and how you can become a partner in hope, please visit their website here!


Arkansas is home to many industries that power the global market. Domtar, Ashdown Mill is a leader among those ranks. Recently, I had the privilege of working with the safety-conscious, cutting edge Domtar A1 Mill Project Team. My experience with these master professionals led me to explore the importance and impact of the Ashdown Mill not only to the Natural State, but across the industry.

The original paper mill in Ashdown opened in 1968. Within 11 short years, two additional paper machines along with a pulp line were added, boosting production tremendously. This outstanding progress caught the eye of Domtar, Inc., and in 2001 the Ashdown mill became an integral part of the internationally recognized paper supplier.

Currently, the Ashdown Mill is increasing its pulp production to an astounding 707,000 air-dried metric tons annually. Sustainability is of utmost importance to Domtar, Inc., and the Ashdown Mill is the recipient of the Arkansas Environmental Federation Diamond Award for environmental excellence. There is no question that great things are in store for Domtar, Ashdown Mill moving forward!


There are many unsung heroes working quietly in the wings, ensuring accountability in order to help guard our liberty. I recently had the distinct pleasure of working with two stellar organizations whose members work tirelessly to guarantee accuracy in their respective fields.

The Arkansas Court Reporters Association is a nonprofit association organized for exclusively charitable, scientific, literary, and educational purposes. In their capacity within the justice system, court reporters create verbatim transcripts of speeches, conversations, legal proceedings, meetings, and other events. At times, written accounts of spoken words are necessary for correspondence, records, or legal proof, and court reporters provide those accounts. They play a critical role not only in judicial proceedings, but also at every meeting where the spoken word must be preserved as a written transcript. They are responsible for ensuring a complete, accurate, and secure legal record. My hat is off to these dedicated professionals and I truly appreciate having had the opportunity to work with them!

Many facets comprise our state government, and it was an honor recently to learn more about the integral component of fiscal accountability and the individuals who assume this responsibility. Working with Arkansas Legislative Audit during its annual CPE Seminar gave me insight to the significance of its mission: to serve the General Assembly, the Legislative Joint Auditing Committee, and the citizens of the State of Arkansas by promoting sound financial management and accountability of public resources entrusted to the various governmental entities. Under the authority of the Legislative Joint Auditing Committee, Legislative Audit annually issues over 1,000 financial audits, reviews, and special reports. The location of Legislative Audit within the Legislative branch of Arkansas' government provides organizational independence recognized under Government Auditing Standards and allows their work to be conducted in an independent and unbiased manner. I salute these auditors who perform under the highest standards with a commitment to quality. Thank you for the privilege of allowing me to be a part of your recent gathering.


What a true pleasure it was presenting both the opening keynote and an afternoon breakout session during the Dairy Calf and Heifer Association’s 2016 Annual Conference in Madison, Wisconsin. With more than 500 attendees from across 27 states and 10 countries, this outstanding event provided the latest in industry happenings, calf and heifer management strategies, hands-on demonstrations, and unmatched networking opportunities. Founded in 1996, DCHA's mission is to enhance the success of the dairy industry by providing insights and opportunities to improve dairy calf and heifer production. The association consists of a strong balance between custom raisers and dairy producers who share a unified focus on the health, management, and economics of raising outstanding dairy calves and heifers to grow a better producing adult dairy animal. This producer-organized, producer-focused member organization is committed to growing dairy's future and moving forward with success!



The Island University—the only university in the nation located on its own island and at the heart of the Texas Gulf Coast—is a first-choice institution. By what name is it better known? Texas A&M University-Corpus Christi! With palm tree-lined pathways throughout the campus, nearby natural wetlands, a scenic hike-and-bike trail, and its own manicured beach, the University has been proudly providing a solid academic reputation, renowned faculty, and highly-rated degree programs in more than 80 concentrations since 1947.

I had the privilege to return to the campus last month during the 2016 Employee Development Day to present the luncheon keynote address and a subsequent breakout session on office, email, and social media etiquette. The hospitality that I received during my stay and the powerful day shared with campus faculty and staff will be long remembered. Working with this esteemed group of individuals reminded me of a fact of which the University is extremely proud, and rightfully so: 90% of the University's faculty hold the highest degree in their fields, spanning all five academic colleges. On that note, the level of excellence provided by all members of the University staff deserves high accolades. A tip of the hat to the Island University!



We've all heard it said that is takes a village to raise a child. If that is a case, it takes ten villages to educate that rising star. The beating heart of that collective group can be found in the Arkansas School Boards Association.

An affiliate of the National School Boards Association, ASBA membership is open to school district boards, charter schools, and educational service co-operatives. Its mission is to promote student focused leadership in public education through training, advocacy, and service for local board members. ASBA’s work is critical to ensuring bright futures for Arkansas’ students, parents, and communities. It was a privilege to share my message of teamwork and leadership recently during the Summer Leadership Institute in sunny Hot Springs. I hope to have the opportunity to work with ASBA again in the future.


Alzheimer’s Arkansas is an independent non-profit organization dedicated to supporting Arkansas families. Its primary goal is taking care of those who are affected by Alzheimer’s disease and all other types of dementia. While their office is in Little Rock, committed volunteers and staff travel all across the state to reach families who need their assistance. With a mission to provide the information and support needed so that all Arkansans affected by Alzheimer’s disease and related dementias are able to live with dignity and comfort until a cure is found, Alzheimer’s Arkansas is always looking for ways to increase its outreach.

It was an honor to learn about the compassionate and critical work Alzheimer's Arkansas does across the Natural State and I was humbled to be given the opportunity to work with its board members and staff. Thank you for all you do!


As you continue planning your next event, my team and I at Vital Communications, Inc. are on standby to assist. Whether motivating, team building, facilitating, or educating others, I will bring knowledge, energy, and professionalism to your organization. Knowing that securing funding for various trainings and events can be quite difficult, I welcome the opportunity to negotiate terms in the event there are any fiscal concerns.

For specific information on my presentations and services, please visit our website, online brochure, or call 501-663-1454 to speak directly with me. I look forward to visiting with you to explore ways in which together, we can work to make your event a total success!


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