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With the new year in full swing, I want to express my deepest gratitude for your friendship and support. Your commitment to excellence within your organization is evident, and as you and your organization continue to refine your growth strategies in 2016 I would be honored to be an asset in that process.

I specialize in keynote speaking and breakouts, effective presentation coaching, strategic planning and facilitating, and customer service and sales training. Understanding how challenging the parameters of budgets have become, I welcome the opportunity to brainstorm solutions in the event there are any fiscal concerns. It would be a privilege to offer my assistance in any of these areas as you power ahead for success in 2016!


I had the distinct pleasure of working with the dedicated and selfless professionals of Arkansas Children’s Hospital recently during the Physician and Hospital Leadership Forum. As I researched the information needed to develop my presentation, I was fortunate to engage in dialogue with individuals in all facets of the critical field of healthcare. This esteemed group includes the team of Angel One.

With a full-time staff including administration, air medical communication specialists, nurses, respiratory therapists, emergency medical technicians, mechanics, and pilots, Angel One has a highly diversified group of dedicated personnel serving the needs of patients throught the entire state of Arkansas and into the surrounding area. The Angel One team provides intensive care medical transportation for patients primarily under the age of 21, as well as burn patients and high-risk obstetric patients as the need arises. Consisting of a fleet of 4 ground ambulances and 2 Sikorsky S-76 C+ helicopters, Angel One transports 2,100 patients per year—an average of five per day—and can reach any part of Arkansas within one hour. Thank you to the self-sacrificing medical professionals of ACH and the team of Angel One for your commitment to all!



If you have ever heard his story, you know that Jason McElwain, “J-Mac,” has had an impactful journey thus far in his young life. For years now, I have shared the video clip of Jason playing during a basketball game at Greece Athena High School when his coach decided to let him in the game with four minutes left to go. Jason then scored twenty points. Knowing that he has inspired so many people, including me, made it such a pleasure getting to meet him recently while in St. Louis. I wish “J-Mac” all of the very best and will continue to be moved by his story of resilience and hard work!



Founded by former Arkansas legislator Tracy Steele, the STAND Foundation trains leaders for business and public service throughout the state. The staff, volunteers, and board members have over 50 years of combined experience in the nonprofit sector, and have carefully planned, designed, researched, and developed training programs to meet critical needs in the area of leadership training. The foundation’s trademark program, The STAND Foundation Leadership Institute, provides leadership training for individuals and organizations to facilitate productivity, self-sufficiency, and community involvement. In keeping with the Foundation’s mission, the team at STAND recently presented one extraordinary day.

The inaugural STANDOUT Leadership Summit was held in North Little Rock this past October. I was thrilled to present “Energize the Enthusiasm...that Exists Within” to the dynamic attendees. It’s hard to describe the level of energy felt during the entire day! The Honorable Tracy Steele, Program Administrator La Juan Bedford, and all of the staff, board members, committee members, and volunteers were a pleasure to work with. Beyond having the privilege of sharing the stage with many outstanding presenters, it was enjoyable visiting with Governor Asa Hutchinson and Judge Greg Mathis. For all of the professionals, business owners, entrepreneurs, and future leaders who attended, your eagerness and participation was fantastic. Thanks again and remember to make today count!



Over the years, students I have had the privilege to serve have enriched my life in immeasurable ways. The challenges and insights they have shared during our assemblies and small group sessions have in turn helped other students moving forward. The students’ needs, teacher and administrator requests, and identified school and workplace necessities are the foundation of my three marquee academic presentations, “A Hero Within—Today's Youth, Tomorrow's Leaders,” “Setting the Tempo for Achievement,” and “Peak Performance U-7 Essential Skills for the Workplace.”  These presentations were constructed to strengthen students’ soft and basic/core skills, foster character development, and heighten pride in their state.

Providing students every available resource to advance their personal and academic achievement is crucial to their education. My goal is to assist that mission. If you or an educator you know is interested in learning more about these character and workplace skills offerings, please feel free to contact me at 501-663-1454 or via email at pvitale@paulvitale.com!



As you continue planning your next event, my team and I at Vital Communications, Inc. are on standby to assist. Whether motivating, team building, facilitating, or educating others, I will bring knowledge, energy, and professionalism to your organization. Knowing that securing funding for various trainings and events can be quite difficult, I welcome the opportunity to negotiate terms in the event there are any fiscal concerns. For specific information, please visit our website, online brochure, or call 501-663-1454 to speak directly with me!



Phonemic awareness—the sensitivity to and awareness of the phonological structure of words. Put another way, the metacognitive ability that involves the capability to notice, think about, and manipulate individual sounds in words. It allows a child to identify letters, recognize individual sounds, and blend those sounds into words. The first time my mother was familiarized with this term was when the resource teacher for learning-disabled children sat with her and expressed concern about my ability to read and write. During my first- through third-grade years of elementary school, I was carrying all A’s; however, there was a slight problem...more from Paul’s Blog

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