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Many organizations exist to better the lives of others, often without the masses realizing the impact such institutions are making. A voluntary association of counties, cities, school districts, and special districts within the fourteen-county East Texas region, the East Texas Council of Governments is just such an organization; assisting local governments in planning for common needs, cooperating for mutual benefit, and coordinating for sound regional development. Either directly, or through their contractors, ETCOG provides programs and services for East Texas seniors, employers, and job seekers.

East Texas Council of Governments Representatives with Paul

The East Texas Council of Governments Workforce Solutions East Texas Board recently hosted their 9th Annual Conference for Youth Professionals at the University of Texas in Tyler. It was exciting for Paul to have the opportunity to present two of his most requested presentations to this outstanding group. “The concern and dedication demonstrated by the youth practitioners in attendance was a powerful display of hope and leadership,” declared Paul. “As these adults take the ideals set forth in the conference back to their communities, we can be assured that they will continue to position the youth they impact daily to succeed!”


National Tour Association Delegate
Jay Smith with Paul

Over 4,000 tourism professionals from around the world gathered recently in Los Angeles during the National Tour Association Travel Exchange ’14. A combination of NTA’s convention and the United Motorcoach Association’s EXPO, Travel Exchange is a key industry event like none other.

Paul had the pleasure of presenting two education sessions during this pivotal week in the travel industry. Recognizing that the heart of this event is the power of people coming together, Paul shared innovative ideas and concepts through his workshops, “The Wow Factor—Presenting with Ease” and “Sell With Confidence—Unlock Your Potential Management Solutions.” At the close of the gathering, Paul relayed the following sentiments, “To those at NTA who have trusted in my message for the last number of years, thank you very much. It is my hope to find my way back to one of your industry events in the very near future. Continue bringing the world together!”


The Arkansas FCCLA Association is a state affiliate of the national organization of Family, Career and Community Leaders of America, Inc. With a mission to promote personal growth and leadership development through Family and Consumer Sciences education, FCCLA is the ultimate leadership experience. Focusing on the multiple roles of family member, wage earner, and community leader, members develop skills for life through character development, creative and critical thinking, interpersonal communications, practical knowledge, and career preparation. Paul recently had the pleasure of presenting the conference opening session during the Arkansas State Leadership Conference at the University of Central Arkansas.

“Spending the last two days with the rising stars of Arkansas FCCLA was simply amazing,” said Paul. “It was truly my privilege to exchange knowledge, enthusiasm, and energy, all while sharing a great time. Thank you to the delegates and advisors for making me one of you, and for teaching me a thing or two as well! I wish each of you every success as you continue blazing your paths!”


Having the opportunity to work with the largest health insurance agency in the state of Arkansas recently was a great privilege for Paul. Led by Greg Hatcher, one of the top 12 insurance agents in the United States for each of the last eight years, the Hatcher Agency not only provides outrageous service, its staff epitomizes their motto, “Our Attitude is the Difference!”

Greg Hatcher started his agency on the principal that offering clients the Most Outrageous Service possible is absolutely the only way to conduct business. At the end of the first year, Greg had produced more insurance in his first year of business than any agent in the state of Arkansas. Three years later in 1993, The Hatcher Agency was named Arkansas’ Small Business of the Year by Arkansas Business, and The Hatcher Agency was the largest health insurance agency in the state of Arkansas. Greg and The Hatcher Agency have been the number one producer since, leading the state of Arkansas in health insurance sales every year since they started business in 1990. The Hatcher Agency is now 20 years strong and the philosophy remains the same: The customer is KING at The Hatcher Agency.

Thank you to Greg and his team for welcoming Paul into their offices, and congratulations for being voted the “Best Corporate Insurance Firm” by Arkansas Business 10 years in a row!


As you continue gathering information for your next event, Paul and his team at Vital Communications, Inc. are on standby to assist. Whether motivating, team building, facilitating, or educating others, Paul will bring his knowledge and professionalism to your organization. For specific information on Paul Vitale, visit our online brochure or call 501-663-1454 to speak directly with Paul!


Know Your Nation


Utahs majestic mountains, lakes, and deserts were first explored by man 12,000 years ago. Archaeological sites have been identified in all corners of the state, illustrating that the ancient people of Utah were able to adapt to extreme geographical variations. The 45th state to enter the United States, Utah was named after the Utes, a native American Indian tribe.

Facts worth noting:

• Of the 84,916 square miles comprising this beautiful state, 65% is owned by the federal government.

• Great Salt Lake covers an area of 1,060,000 acres and has an average elevation of 4,200 feet.

• Reva Beck Bosone (1895 - 1983) is considered one of the 10 most influential Utahns of the 20th Century. A one-time high school teacher who became Utahs first woman member of Congress and one of its first female lawyers, Bosone was indefatigable in her campaign to raise the image of women in politics and public office.

Expand Your Vocabulary


Beginning to be green; greenish.

With spring’s arrival, buds formed on the bare trees, infusing the stark branches with a slight virescent tint.

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Broadcasting Excellence

The Television Broadcasters of Arkansas play an integral part in bringing the world to Arkansas, and Arkansas to the world. Recently, Paul had the pleasure of presenting his newest workshop to this esteemed group, discussing the strategies of “Office, Email, & Social Media—Etiquette for a New Age.” In this thought-provoking training, Paul shares ideas and strategies to keep one’s persona and reputation intact. Concepts such as understanding your multiple roles and how to maintain separation; working your way through generational differences when it comes to accepted behavior; utilizing social media within company policies to expand your brand; exercising respect and loyalty toward your company and coworkers; facilitating business relationships through social media; and crafting a positive interactive experience for clients, colleagues, and friends, are each explored during this interactive presentation.

The evolving landscape of electronic tools has taken personal as well as professional communication to a new level. The opportunity to share information instantaneously with a client, colleague, or friend—two doors down or halfway around the world—through email, social media, and texting not only broadens our possibilities for success; it exponentially expands the potential for a negative interactive experience as well, and quite possibly a faux pas that can end a friendship or career. Regardless of the tools employed, learning how to practice proper etiquette in the digital age will not only guarantee positive results, it can hasten professional success. For information on how this dynamic workshop can benefit your organization, contact Paul today!

Members of the Television Broadcasters
of Arkansas with Paul

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Make Today Count!

Each day we have the opportunity to influence those around us—positively or negatively. Through our actions, we impact others in things large and small. As you hurry through your day, take a moment to offer a helping hand to someone you encounter by chance.

Perhaps you can hold the door or elevator for that individual who cant walk quite as quickly as you; the extra few seconds out of your day are minimal in comparison to the gratitude they will feel. Saying hello as you pass a stranger in the post office can influence them to pass it on...and share a smile in the process. Stopping long enough to answer the simplest question from an inquisitive child may encourage a lifetime of learning.

The smallest actions truly can make a positive difference in the world around us. We may not be able to alter the course of history, but we can make today count for something spectacular in this chapter of our own unique lives!

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