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ABA, ARVEST, AWWMA, NTA—what do these acronyms have in common? No, it's not the inclusion of the letter "A" in their titles...rather, it's the attitude of excellence each of these stellar organizations possesses!

US Stations' Dick Antoine & Paul

Paul had the distinct privilege of working with these vanguards of business in recent weeks. From broadcast excellence, to banking innovations, to advancing higher water standards, to diversifying the travel industry—the individuals comprising

AWWMA Members Brenda Gills
& Thea Hughes with Paul

NTA's Catherine Prather & Paul

the Arkansas Broadcasters Association, ARVEST Bank, the Arkansas Water & Wastewater Management Association and the National Tour Association are each, in their own right, leaders in their respective industries.

Reflecting on his time with these groups, Paul had the following to say, "The one common thread throughout these four prestigious events was the innate ability of each organization's leaders and membership to thoughtfully discern the challenges and successes that are ongoing in their industries. It was a privilege to be a part of these esteemed organizations' dynamic gatherings of trailblazers!"

ARVEST Bank's Mike Jacimore & Paul

Did You Know?

The average NFL game broadcast is 185 minutes in length. During a Wall Street Journal study of the 2009 playoff games, players spent roughly 75 minutes in huddles or milling around the line of scrimmage while 17 minutes of airtime was dedicated to instant replay. Those highly touted commercials? They accounted for a total of 60 minutes of the broadcast!


Know Your Nation


Admitted to the union on July 19, 1890, the "Equality State" is the ninth largest with an area of 97,914 square miles. The 2010 Census recorded a total population of 563,626.

The main drivers behind Wyoming's economy are the mineral extraction industry and the travel and tourism sector. Total taxable values of mining production in 2007 were over $14.5 billion, with the tourism industry accounting for over $1 billion in revenue for the state.

Wyoming is the center of the continent's pronghorn antelope herd and boasts the largest antelope population of any state or province. Wildlife abounds throughout this magnificent state, including 22 species of game fish. The world's record California golden trout—28 inches, 11 lbs. 4 oz.—was landed in Cook Lake in 1948!

Expand Your Vocabulary


1. Incoherent, repetitious speech
2. Incessant or compulsive talkativeness
3. Excessive use of words

Karen's term paper suffers from the logorrhea that often infects academic writing.

Thoughts to Ponder

"Pressure is something you feel only when you don't know what you're doing."

~Chuck Noll

"To get what we want, we have to do more than what's easy or convenient."

~Phil Ginsburg

"The quality of a person's life is in direct proportion to their commitment to excellence, regardless of their chosen field of endeavor."

~Vince Lombardi

"Standing up for my beliefs, no matter what, is one more way I define being a person of integrity."

~Kurt Warner

“I can't do it all alone, no one can. Whether it's sports, helping others, or life in general, it takes everyone working together as a team."

~Reggie White

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Breaking Barriers in Achievement

Approximately 8,000 members of the Future Business Leaders of America (FBLA) were in attendance during FBLA’s National Leadership Conference held in Orlando, Florida. From the opening session through the awards ceremony on day four, FBLA members were encouraged to follow this year’s theme of “Breaking Barriers.” Selected as the keynote speaker to kick off the conference, Paul inspired the audience members to set their own individual tempo by employing confidence and resilience when pursuing their niche in life.

The largest and oldest business student organization in the world, FBLA-PBL is comprised of a quarter of a million high school and middle school students, college and university students, faculty, educators, administrators, and business professionals. The premier organization for students preparing for careers in business, FBLA grooms them for "real-world" professional experiences.

FBLA 2011 National Leadership
Conference Delegates

“Working with the students associated with FBLA was a great experience,” Paul noted while visiting with delegates after his keynote. “The best and brightest of our nation are poised to lead us into the future!”

Students Shine in St. Louis

The Gateway City was recent host to the Inaugural Star Leaders National Student Conference. A program of the National Association of Secondary School Principals, NASSP, this unique event celebrated excellence in student leadership and service.

Bringing together student leaders and their advisers from the National Association of Student Councils, National Honor Society and National Junior Honor Society, the conference presented a great opportunity to meet and network with peers, acquire new ideas and motivation, and be inspired by those recognized for national awards.

"The 'Star Leaders' I encountered while presenting the closing session of this tremendous conference were inspiring in their desire to take active roles in their academic and personal growth," declared Paul. "These students have a great opportunity to affect the future!"

Star Leaders National Student
Conference Delegates

Setting the Tempo!

Whether a student chooses to strive toward the attainment of a post-secondary education or enter the workforce directly, now is the time to continue challenging young people to set the correct tempo for career achievement. Are you looking for an activity to enhance your school’s Career Guidance program? If so, please consider Paul’s presentation, Setting the Tempo for Achievement!

Focusing on practices that will instill in each of your students a sense of self-pride and achievement such as: 1) identify your individual talent; 2) continue perfecting your edge; 3) unleash a fury of motivation; 4) exercise an abundance of patience; and 5) recognize your range of opportunities; this presentation enhances the tools your district currently provides to students for their career and character development.

With the addition of this presentation to your Career Guidance program, the young minds you influence each day will be equipped to take on what’s next, while recognizing that the better prepared our future workforce is today, the greater success we will all share tomorrow. Should you be interested in bringing this dynamic program to your school, please contact Paul at 501-663-1454 or

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In addition to the selection of clips included in his website media gallery, many of Paul's videos are posted on YouTube. In the upcoming months, look for original videos containing inspirational concepts created by Paul and his team. If you haven’t yet visited Paul’s channel, please click the photo below and take a peak!

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