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The 89th Annual Rogers-Lowell Area Chamber of Commerce Banquet was held recently at the John Q. Hammons Center in Rogers. Paul was honored to present the keynote address during the annual gathering of 1,000+ Northwest Arkansas business leaders who celebrated accomplishments of the previous year, honored outstanding businesses and individuals in the community and set the tone for the coming year.

Sponsored by Mercy Health System of NWA and HUNT VENTURES, the banquet recognized leaders in areas such as education and volunteerism and culminated with the presentation of the Rogers community's highest honor, the "Dick Trammel Rogers Good Neighbor Award." First given in 1974, the award is presented each year in recognition of individuals who contribute to the betterment of Rogers and Northwest Arkansas. This year's recipient was financial adviser, outdoorsman and community leader, David Thrasher.

Rogers-Lowell Chamber President & CEO Raymond Burns with Paul

"It was truly a privilege to be a part of this important recognition of business leaders in the Natural State," said Paul. "Being able to share a passion for what makes Arkansas great with such an esteemed group of individuals reminds me that whether a business or an individual, our only limits are those we place upon ourselves!"


Members of the Arkansas Mental Health in Education Association (ARMEA) recently held their 5th Annual Spring Conference in Little Rock. Paul was delighted to present "Energize the Enthusiasm...that Exists Within" to the gathering of professionals whose mission is to foster partnerships among educators, mental health professionals and the community, and to enhance the well-being of all Arkansas students.

ARMEA works to ensure accountability, quality and professionalism while promoting

ARMEA Members & Paul

comprehensive School-Based Mental Health programs throughout Arkansas. Paul recently reflected on the mission of ARMEA, "With today's youth increasingly confronted with difficult issues such as suicide, drug and alcohol addiction, pregnancy, obesity, depression, cyber bullying and domestic violence, the work of organizations such as ARMEA is crucial to their well-being and success."


An organization for professionals age 21-39, the Jonesboro Young Professionals Network (JYPN) is designed to create networking opportunities, provide professional development, support community involvement and promote an overall investment in the future of Jonesboro. A program of the Jonesboro Regional Chamber of Commerce, JYPN boasts a leadership of individuals associated with industries across the Jonesboro Area.

Paul recently had the privilege to speak to JYPN members during their annual Leadership Conference. Presenting "Inspired Teamwork and Leadership," Paul shared significant traits of leadership, along with other elements including practices such as uniting for a common cause, understanding and respecting diversity and encouraging others through positive actions.

Jonesboro Regional Chamber COO
Cari White & Paul


Willie Stargell

Pittsburgh Pirates left-fielder Willie Stargell crushed 475 career homers, leading the National League with 48 blasts in 1971 and 44 in '73.

An intimidating left-handed batter, Stargell's influence extended into the clubhouse, where he rewarded teammates with "stars" for outstanding performance.

His father-figure status earned him the nickname "Pops" and his leadership helped the Pirates win World Championships in 1971 and in 1979, when he shared National League MVP honors.

Know Your Nation


Minnesota gets its name from the Dakota word minisota, meaning "water that reflects the sky."

Minnesota today has more shoreline than California, Florida, & Hawaii combined! Known on license plates as the "Land of 10,000 Lakes," there are actually 12,000.

Minnesotan baseball commentator Halsey Hal was the first to say "Holy Cow" during a baseball broadcast.

The Mall of America in Bloomington is the size of 78 football fields - 9.5 million square feet.

Expand Your Vocabulary


1. Resisting control or restraint in a difficult manner
2. Noisy, clamorous or boisterous

Mrs. Carroll's third period class contained more than a few obstreperous children.

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We all leave a mark on those we encounter; it is up to us to determine what that mark will be. As Paul demonstrates to his audiences, we only get one chance at life and therefore we have to be courageous every day!

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Foul Ball Scores Big

On April 9, 2011, the city of Pittsburgh and baseball fans everywhere marked the tenth anniversary of Pittsburgh Pirates great Willie Stargell’s passing. Emmy-award winning reporter Vince Sims of Pittsburgh’s WPXI interviewed Paul about his encounter with the legendary Stargell, and how a foul ball in 1980 earned Paul a coveted “Stargell Star.”

To watch Paul's interview with Vince, click on the video link below.

WPXI Reporter Vince Sims and Paul

Athletes in Action in Minnesota

Paul was honored recently to be a guest during "Lunch with Tony Dungy," an Athletes in Action event hosted by the Minnesota Vikings.

Held at the Winter Park Vikings Training Facility, the Super Bowl winning athlete and coach spoke on mentor leadership and the impact it had on him personally and professionally. Introduced by Vikings Head Coach Leslie Frazier, Coach Dungy shared his thoughts on the influence of mentors and, in turn, the significance of every individual who leaves their mark on others while posing the question, "What will people remember about you, your legacy and your character?"

It was a true pleasure for Paul to be a guest of Baltimore Ravens center Matt Birk for this empowering event. The six-time Pro Bowl center established his H.I.K.E. Foundation in 2002 to provide at-risk children with the educational opportunities needed to excel in the classroom and in life. Active in both his home community of Minneapolis-St. Paul as well as the Baltimore area, Birk oversees programs such as "Ready, Set, Read!" and "Read and Rise" to help schools and families foster the skills, attitudes and behaviors that support children's literacy development. For more information on H.I.K.E. or to support this important cause, visit Birk's foundation website.

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