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by Paul Vitale

The Arizona heat was no match for the rush of enthusiasm pouring out of the 700 plus student athletes attending the eighth annual “Football Skills and Education Camp” hosted by the Arizona Cardinals Football Club this past weekend. Seeing first-hand the intensity from the high school players, both on offense and defense, encouraged me as I was preparing to deliver a message of heroism to those thirsty for affirmation.


Directed by Coach Mo Streety, Youth Football Coordinator for the Arizona Cardinals, the camp provided attendees the opportunity to receive on-field instruction from professional players and Cardinals coaches. The involvement of current players as well as those retired was inspiring as they diligently worked to expand the horizons of kids and show them that anything is possible.


Luis Zendejas, Senior Director of Community Relations for the Arizona Cardinals; Coach Mo Streety, Cardinals Youth Football Coordinator & Paul


The Cardinals were founded in 1898 and are the oldest continuously run professional American football club in the United States. As a charter member of the NFL, it is obvious to me that the franchise wants to continue doing what it can to support their community while growing strong, well-balanced athletes. That is why during the day long camp, not only does instruction take place on the field, a classroom segment off the field is mandatory as well.


Focusing on the key points found in my signature presentation, A Hero Within, I had the distinct pleasure of presenting a 30-minute message intended to challenge each participant to focus on the moment, yet have a plan in place for the future. My hope was to reinforce the importance of not only

Coach Al Gross & Paul during the Arizona Cardinals Football Skills &
Education Camp


dreaming courageously, but also seeing ambitions through by being resilient. Success is a planned event and as Coach Al Gross stated in his remarks to the students, “It takes commitment, character and the right attitude in the classroom to be an all-around top notch performer.”


Even though the majority of the athletes will take home mental snapshots of running various routes and practicing drills with players such as offensive lineman Herman Johnson, rookie wide receiver Juamorris Stewart and rookie quarterback Max Hall, they will also take home an important mantra shared by Coach Mo focusing on “Be.” “Be on time…be a happy person…and be as focused off the field as you are on the field.”


Student Athletes & Paul
University of Phoenix Stadium


Having the opportunity to speak on behalf of the Arizona Cardinals to kids from not only Arizona but surrounding states was a true privilege. To the entire Community Relations Department, camp organizers, parents and coaches, I am thankful. The Arizona heat was no match for those young men enthusiastic to learn and improve while making the most out of a once in a lifetime opportunity!


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Speed Training


Since 2003, Coach Mo Streety has trained the finest in NFL draft prospects, helping them to run & react faster. The results have been nothing less than phenomenal! Teamed up with some of the best agents in the business, his trainings represent more than a technical leap forward. Coach Mo adds a spirit-led dimension to speed training, pre-combine conditioning & year-round training for all athletes, for all sports.


A 13-year Air Force veteran, Coach Mo began working as a coach in the Phoenix area in 1990. His military training, education & experience have given him unique knowledge in a wide range of areas including training systems development, kinesiology and astrophysics, giving him a unique perspective in the areas of speed development.



Did You Know?


The Arizona Cardinals began as a neighborhood group that gathered to play football in Chicago's South Side under the name Morgan
Athletic Club.


The Cardinals home field, the University of Phoenix Stadium, contains 1.7 million square feet with a regular game seating capacity of 63,400 expandable to 73,000 for Super Bowls and college bowl games.


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