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I attended Manila High and was part of the class of 2012. During that time, you came to speak to the student body . During your speech I asked a question, the topic of which I can’t recall. I do, however, remember your response. I am writing to thank you for what you said to me that day. High school wasn’t the best time for me and I do not look back and smile on much that happened there. However, that day stands out from the rest. I’ve since gone on to attend college where I met my wife and graduated Cum Laude with a Bachelor’s degree. I now work for a great company that has attractive benefits and compensation. I’m well on my way to a successful career and life and I think you have had something to do with that. Your words have stuck with me the entire time through this journey. You might not remember our encounter, but I wanted to let you know that you impacted my life. You gave me a sense of worth and confidence that has stuck with me and surely will for the rest of my life.
posted by Nicholas on 4/27/2017

Thanks Paul...enjoyed your outstanding presentations at the AR EM conference.
posted by Mark Price on 9/6/2016

I was one of the clerks at the convention in Little Rock where you were a speaker. Just wanted you to know our court (Bentonville District) thought you were the key and best speaker for the whole 2 day event! You truly know the meaning of the word motivation!! Thank you for keeping our attention and changing at least MY way of thinking!
posted by Amy Worek on 9/21/2015

Thank you for giving me more of what I need to be a better person who in turn is a better teacher!
posted by Kathleen Ford Dingman on 8/21/2015

Awesome Job today. Thank you for empowering us to do what we do.
posted by Becky WIllis White on 8/21/2015

Thank you, Paul, for the wonderful message and enthusiasm shared with us today! I wish you the best as you spread excitement to others!
posted by Kim Wilson Wyrick on 8/21/2015

Once again you brought it and ended the conference with a bang!! I know everyone thoroughly enjoyed you and what you had to say!!! Keep up the great work your doing!!!
posted by Robin Milligan on 6/15/2015

Paul was GREAT!! So full of life...he is a pro! It was a wonderful conference!
posted by Joanne Hollowell on 6/15/2015

Paul, I wanna thank you for inspiring these young people today in Paris, Ar. I am a disabled veteran, full time college student and a bus driver at the Waldron School District. This is two years running I have seen you speak I front of young adults. If I can be motivated then you have accomplished your job here at Paris. Thanks again for what you do and the people reach out to.
posted by Danny on 6/15/2015

Just wanted to say thank you SO much for the awesome speaking today in Little Rock! You truly opened my eyes to a LOT of things!!!!
posted by Jennie on 6/15/2015

Great speech today for the Arkansas Court Clerks Association!!!
posted by Nakinsia on 6/15/2015

Best motivational speaker ever! Wonderful experience for PHS students and faculty!
posted by Karyl Hartsfield on 6/15/2015

I'm sure you don't remember but I just wanted to say thanks again for helping me to step over the line. I start my new position in the morning. A bit nervous but I can do it. Thank you!
posted by Jennifer on 6/15/2015

I would just like to say Thank you so much for the much needed presentation today. It was sincerely amazing. You are a FANTASTIC speaker. I think you really got my school ((Alma, AR)) to do some serious soul-searching. Thanks!
posted by Jasmine ((From FearNoCareerFair)) on 5/8/2015

Thanks for coming to our school and bringing a great message. It was a much needed wake up call to our student body. I had a great time listening and being a part of your presentation. I just want to say you are a part of the Cardinal family now. Thank you again for your wonderful message.
posted by Jacob on 11/20/2014

I enjoyed your presentation at our annual ARcare employees conference last year, but this year you came back better and stronger. It was the only highlight of the conference for several employees, we all enjoyed it and are still talking about it. Hope to see you again at next years. Thanks for delivering a message in a way that it stuck with us and was enjoyable at the same time!
posted by Carrie Delancey on 8/5/2014

My students and I thoroughly enjoyed your presentations at the State FCCLA Leadership Meeting. You have the GIFT of being an encourager and I appreciate your use of it-you have certainly encouraged and blessed my students, my family, and me!
posted by Mary Smith on 4/18/2014

Wonderful presentation today! All of us were talking about it. Thanks so much for sharing your enthusiasm and ENERGY with us…I am sincerely wowed!
posted by Jenni Gatlin on 4/18/2014

You should bottle that energy! Maybe put a warning on your workshop announcements to pick up Starbucks prior to attending, or better yet provide double shot vanilla lattes. In all honesty, the Conference was very informative and re-energizing. After all the years I have worked with our aging out foster youth, it's easy to get stuck in a box with policy, protocol, and timeframes always driving us. Thanks for your time and "energy".
posted by Cheyanne Fuller on 3/3/2014

Thank you for your wonderful presentation! Lots of positive feedback from our kids! Appreciate you!
posted by Mary Smith on 2/27/2014

You, sir, inspired my baby girl and her best friend. She came home and told me how much she enjoyed your presentation, and you really gave her a much needed boost!! Paul keep up the good work; our children need more good people like you!
posted by Tracy Ritz on 2/27/2014

Paul is a great person and great speaker. I know he has touched many lives in all of his travels and speaking engagements. It has been an honor to watch Paul grow into an outstanding author, motivational speaker, and just an all-around great person. Way to go Paul!
posted by Chuck Pipes on 2/27/2014

Thanks Paul! You are a real PRO!! Keep up the great work!
posted by Bob Snowdon on 2/24/2014

Thanks for your presentations and your follow through. I look forward to reading your book!
posted by Esther Beebe on 2/24/2014

What an awesome day we had listening to you! Thank you for sharing your time with us at the Farm Credit meeting in Little Rock. You're truly an inspirational person and I can't wait to read some of your books. Brandon gets major kudos for asking you to speak! Thanks again! Great Work!
posted by Jennifer Campbell on 2/20/2014

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