Voices from the Audience

“I have heard nothing but wonderful comments about the presentation yesterday. Thank you so much for bringing this opportunity to not only Corning High School students, but Rector High School students as well. It was a huge success. Several students said it was the best presentation they had ever seen and thanked me for getting you to speak to them.”
Pam - Corning, Arkansas

“Thank you so much for your WONDERFUL presentation in West Palm Beach, Florida. I found myself, laughing, crying, and thinking of all the wonderful things we, as teachers, do for children!!!”
Janyce - West Palm Beach, Florida

“My father gave me your book, Are You Puzzled by the Puzzle of Life? I have often wondered what exactly constitutes success, and I have seen first hand the results of surrounding myself with successful people. Thanks for being exactly who you are.”
Ashley - North Little Rock, Arkansas

“Personally, I have heard many motivational speakers and most border on obnoxious. I found you warm and sincere. Thank you for being real, not fake!”
Joan - Melbourne, Arkansas

“I cannot begin to tell you what an impact your presentation had on me. It motivated me to want to make a difference. Thank you for what you are doing and sharing of yourself with others. I don’t think you will ever know the hope and encouragement you bring.”
Marla - Edmonton, Kentucky

“I attended your public program last night in Stuart, Florida. I enjoyed the uplifting, positive presentation. You sure know how to empower people!”
Michael - Stuart, Florida

“Paul it is time that I tell you—when you spoke at our EWI Chapter meeting a few years ago, you changed my life. I now look for opportunities to ‘connect’ with people regardless of their status in life; it doesn’t matter if it is the President of the United States or a homeless person on the street. Please don’t ever stop telling your story. Thanks for what you did for me as an individual!”
Hazel - Little Rock, Arkansas

“Thank you, Paul! Your energy and passion are contagious. Thank you for coming and reinforcing what we should be doing every day.”
Michael - Sacramento, California

“Your words really hit home with me and I’m positive that you touched a lot of other students, too. I really admire what you do, with a few simple words you can completely change the views and aspects of an entire room of people. The words that you spoke to me this weekend will stay with me throughout my school career and hopefully throughout my life.”
Andrew - Magnolia, Arkansas