Voices from the Audience

“Paul, thank you so much for coming; I wish my family could hear you also. Your speech on overcoming adversity and positive energy is what my son is going thru right now and you just ‘hit home’ at the right time. Thanks again for my attitude change.”
Karen - Little Rock, Arkansas

“I attended your presentation in Providence and found it full of very useful lessons to apply at the office as well as at home!”
Peter - Providence, Rhode Island

“Your presentation was the highest ranked and most favorably received of our program—I am still getting great feedback about you on a daily basis! I cannot think of a more invigorating, interesting, or inspiring way than your presentation to end our program and leave attendees excited to come back for more next year!”
Lauren - Washington, DC

“I wanted to reach out and tell you what a pleasure it was to meet you at the Louisiana Lt. Governor's Summit on Tourism. Although you only had a little over an hour to present forty years of knowledge and experience, your presentation was definitely hard hitting. You mentioned to me that it's mostly common sense and common knowledge, but sometimes you need an individual like yourself to truly convey the message. I found your ability to personally connect with us through enthusiasm, the use of our names, and meeting us on our level, both professionally and physically, to be very effective.”
Barrett - Baton Rouge, Louisiana

“I wanted to let you know that I was extremely moved and impressed by your workshop. It was unlike any training, workshop, or seminar that I have ever attended, and I have seen and heard some of the most respected speakers around. (Jim Doyle, Brian Tracy, Don Benton, Dale Carnegie seminars...to name a few.) But none of those presenters inspired me quite like you. Your enthusiasm and message were not at all what I expected walking into the seminar. In fact, I had my briefcase full of 'busy work' anticipating that the training was going to be the same old 'training' I have attended over the years in this business. But you were able to peak my interest from the very beginning (which is not an easy task). Not only did it make me feel encouraged and motivated from a sales standpoint, it truly inspired me on a personal/emotional level that I desperately needed at that moment.”
Lacey - Little Rock, Arkansas

“Just wanted to let you know what a wonderful impact you had on our audience at the TOAL Conference. The evaluations were literally off the chart with many 5+++ (scale of 1-5) scores.”
Tom - Waco, Texas

“I want to personally thank you for the large part you played in making the Detroit Regional Chamber’s Small Business Conference a huge success. The feedback of the over 500 entrepreneurs in attendance was overwhelmingly positive. Our members were motivated by your entertaining and thought-provoking presentation. It was great working with you!”
Tammy - Detroit, Michigan

“Awesome presentation today! It was all great, I couldn't pick a single favorite concept. Thank you for your encouragement!”
Laura - Blytheville, Arkansas

“Speaker Paul Vitale was a firecracker full of life with informative ideas. He earned top honors in all of the evaluations.”
Annette - Cincinnati, Ohio

“From the front line supervisors to our top management team, I’ve received many emails and voicemails from my allies complimenting your enthusiastic message and the way you connected with your audience. Not only are the evaluations in, you received top marks across the board!”
Brandi - Little Rock, Arkansas

“I was impressed by your sincere interaction with our group before and after your presentation. I was told by several Lions that they felt like you were one of us.”
Bob - Jacksonville, Arkansas