Peak Performance U

Peak Performance UAchieving peak performance on a consistent basis is often opposed by countless challenges, frustrations, and disappointments. The lack of thorough preparation, due diligence, and accountability are frequently the culprits. Many well-intended students create one strategy after the next, but fall short in the implementation process.

The foundation of the content found in Peak Performance U – 7 Essential Skills for the Workplace is in response to the guidance and requirements of various businesses and industries eager to align, promote, and train students for viable future careers. Whether a student is striving toward the attainment of a post-secondary education or plans to enter the workforce directly, the 7 Essential Skills for the Workplace shared in Paul’s presentation are necessary for the transition.

During this interactive multi-media presentation, Paul not only delivers his own guidance and experiences, he also brings to your students in-depth video discussions undertaken with industry leaders regarding career readiness and hiring practices. The 7 Essential Skills for the Workplace covered are:

Structuring a Sturdy Work Ethic

  • Attendance and timeliness
  • Taking the initiative
  • Original thinking and solving problems
  • Having satisfaction in a job well done

Respecting Human Dignity

  • Listening and understanding authority
  • Passing drug tests
  • Taking pride in appearance
  • Becoming more prepared and tolerant

Strengthening Connectivity

  • Social media etiquette
  • Interview skills
  • Body language and nonverbal cues
  • Language and grammar exchange

Understanding Business Etiquette

  • Being assertive and working the room
  • Exercising table manners
  • Following through and exceeding expectations
  • Winning and losing gracefully

Achieving through Collaboration

  • Getting along with others
  • Taking responsibility and ownership
  • Doing more than what is required
  • Anticipating outcomes and consequences

Becoming an Intentional Planner

  • Purposefully map out future plans
  • Be outward with thoughts and ambitions
  • Recognize strengths and weaknesses
  • Become organized and self-assured

Transitioning with Confidence

  • Assemble a trusted advisory group and network
  • Develop familiarity with personality tests
  • Job shadow or intern in your field of interest
  • Depend on a portfolio and knowledge acquired

Through role-playing, mock interviews, interactive videos, and energetic activities, Paul builds rapport with students that inspires steady, long-lasting results. Regardless of the career field or cluster, Peak Performance U – 7 Essential Skills for the Workplace speaks to critical skills that business and industry have identified as vital.

For more information on how your school can implement this impactful and interactive presentation, please contact Paul today.