Topics Presented:

Staring Down Disorganization

If disorganization is hampering you and, as a consequence, a feeling of frustration and being scattered sets in, then it’s time to stare down disorganization and win. To achieve order on the outside, you must adjust your state of mind from the inside. During this essential workshop, Paul encourages participants to (1) clarify priorities; (2) decide what belongs and what must go; (3) tackle a need versus want assessment; and (4) simplify, simplify, simplify. These concepts, along with a variety of others, will be shared during the presentation, Staring Down Disorganization. Becoming better organized not only takes time but a committed attitude to change deep-seated behaviors. If you begin today, a year from now you will be glad you did.

Office, Email, & Social Media – Etiquette for a New Age

The evolving landscape of electronic tools has taken personal as well as professional communication to a new level. The opportunity to share information instantaneously with a client, colleague, or friend–two doors down or halfway around the world–through email, social media, and texting not only broadens our possibilities for success; it exponentially expands the potential for a negative interactive experience as well, and quite possibly a faux pas that can end a friendship or career. In the thought-provoking workshop Office, Email, & Social Media – Etiquette for a New Age, Paul shares ideas and strategies to keep your persona and reputation intact. Concepts such as (1) understanding your multiple roles and how to maintain separation; (2) working your way through generational differences when it comes to accepted behavior; (3) utilizing social media within company policies to expand your brand; (4) exercising respect and loyalty toward your company and coworkers; (5) facilitating business relationships through social media; and (6) crafting a positive interactive experience for clients, colleagues, and friends, are each explored during this interactive presentation. Regardless of the tools employed, learning how to practice proper etiquette in the digital age will not only guarantee positive results, it can hasten professional success.

The WOW Factor – Presenting with Ease

As individuals, we converse casually on a daily basis. We become comfortable with our own presentation styles and the ability to persuade others to comprehend our messages. A distinct change takes place, though, when asked to transition from those many individualized conversations to sharing thoughts with an entire group. During The WOW Factor – Presenting with Ease, Paul reveals critical techniques that are essential when striving to become a more polished presenter. One area offered during this high-powered presentation is how to best manage the overall fear and anxiety of public speaking. Other points discussed include: (1) creating a complete all-around message; (2) approach and delivery; (3) managing your listener; (4) effective vocal delivery and composure; and (5) development of visual support and multimedia. Regardless of the industry, learning how to successfully utilize body language, organize thoughts and content, understand group dynamics, respond to audience questions, and deliver what you have prepared in the most compelling manner are crucial in the attainment of overall achievement.

Community Support & Partnerships

The infancy of successful programs, social movements, and partnerships begins with a shared vision that over time has the potential to breed greatness within the confines of a community, as well as beyond. For many, what begins as challenging the process is turned into a vision that develops into a greater idea, fueled by those who are encouraged to take ownership in the cause. Keeping the community excited, involved, and supportive will all take center stage as you: (1) understand the specifics of your program; (2) research your target audience; (3) maximize all the tools at your disposal; (4) think smart when dealing with the parameters of your budget; (5) allow the power of networking to overcome obstacles; and (6) share your news with the world. It is critical that the most effective strategic plan is put in place at the beginning of any project, knowing the limitations of both manpower and dollar power. Participants will be challenged to focus on the small things that will help garner future success.

Effective Meetings – Steps to Success

The business world today revolves around a productive exchange of ideas, practices, and goals, typically conducted in a properly facilitated forum. Organized procedures aligned with active and eager participation are often determining factors for a meeting’s effectiveness and success. During the presentation Effective Meetings – Steps to Success, Paul demonstrates the following concepts crucial to being a successful facilitator: (1) common questions surrounding effective meetings; (2) preparation ensures productivity; (3) responsibility of the facilitator; (4) standard parliamentary procedure; (5) the art of engagement–through communication; and (6) the members’ bill of rights. By following a few simple rules and not being afraid to change how things have been done in the past, meetings can once again become empowering and productive.

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