P2U Process

As a professional speaker and author, Paul has had the distinct pleasure of speaking to tens of thousands of individuals annually for nearly two decades. By using his unique combination of excitement, energy, and experience, Paul’s message of encouragement and inspiration has assisted all types of organizations in their journeys toward excellence. Now, drawing on his past experiences, Paul is eager to offer individualized coaching sessions focused specifically on you and your current circumstances.

Time Frame

Depending on what is most suitable for you, P2U offers one-on-one telephone consultations, in-person consultations, other means of communication, or a combination of all three. Session lengths vary based on the selected program.

Program Investment

Your monetary investment in P2U is based on the means of communication you choose. In your initial complimentary telephone visit with Paul, this information will be discussed.


Creating a plan and assessing it on a regular basis achieves success. Paul will encourage a standard of accountability that will be an asset to you as you strive to reach your peak. In between consultations assignments will be made, specific goals will be outlined, and your progress tracked for future review and discussion.


All information evaluated and discussed is held strictly confidential.

Next Step

If you are searching for a strategic coach who will work in tandem with you–eager to help you achieve peak performance–then contact Paul today at 501-663-1454 to learn more about the programs offered and the P2U process.