Program Facets

Facet One

A Hero Within – Complete Curriculum Kit

A Hero Within – Today’s Youth • Tomorrow’s Leaders Complete Curriculum Kit is a compelling and interactive curriculum intended to prepare students to succeed in this constantly changing world. From the classroom to the workplace, the lessons found in this curriculum engage, challenge, and encourage students to leave an everlasting mark. Each of the interactive units in this rigorous curriculum can be used independently and at your discretion for multiple project placements. These units, “The Inner Workings of a Hero,” “Providing Heroic Customer Service,” and “Presenting a Heroic Message,” offer favorable amounts of learning materials, activities, and resources for the instructor, counselor, or administrator.

Supporting the ring-bound master manual, the complete kit contains numerous tools for use with lessons found throughout the curriculum such as books, posters, audio CDs, a teacher’s resource CD, and a PowerPoint correlated to each curriculum unit, serving as a resource for both students and school personnel. The components and activities are designed to incorporate academic skills while engaging multiple intelligences throughout. A Hero Within – Today’s Youth • Tomorrow’s Leaders is not only an excellent coaching guide for STAR or other student organizations’ competitive events, every student exposed to this curriculum will find great benefit in the materials.

Facet Two

A Hero Within – School Personnel Professional Development

A Hero Within – School Personnel Professional Development is available to help maximize the tools found within the complete program, A Hero Within – Today’s Youth • Tomorrow’s Leaders. Professional development for participating school personnel delivered by program founder Paul Vitale equips instructors and administrators by using the following means to successfully execute the program both in and out of the classroom: high quality training on the materials and curriculum kit; assisted project placement and implementation preparation; hands-on review of student activities; discussion and review of student assessment means and results; A Hero Within Club creation and support; and partnering with parents for student achievement. (4-hour time block)

Facet Three

A Hero Within – Student Assembly & Club Implementation

A Hero Within – Student Assembly is an ideal way of playing a supporting role in the overall implementation of this rigorous, engaging, and impactful program. Complementing the lessons contained in the core curriculum, students are challenged by program founder Paul Vitale to: be committed to completing their education; recognize their biggest obstacles; acknowledge their greatest fears; become more aware of the risks associated with social networking; identify ways to become more effective leaders; practice verbal and nonverbal communication skills; understand the meaning of “service to others”; and grasp the importance of their “names” and “legacies.”

At the conclusion of the student assembly and during the A Hero Within – Club Implementation, students will be encouraged to release their inner heroism and take the concepts in this program of study and make them a way of life. Paul will reinforce ideas such as: teamwork and leadership are integral parts of every individual’s life and legacy; working toward common goals affects change and encourages tolerance; and collaboration with others is crucial to achievement. An extensive Q&A session will follow the establishment of the school’s A Hero Within Club. The following items will be shared during the implementation process:

  • Distribution of Official Club Creation document
  • Review of web portal of supporting Club items
  • Introduction of A Hero Within Student Playbook
  • Introduction of Heroes 4 Hope
  • Multiple intra- and extra-curricular activities presented as suggestions for members to foster awareness and expand involvement in the program to their peers and community

Note: A staff member is needed to act as a sponsor of the club. (3-hour time block)

Facet Four

A Hero Within – Parent Assembly & Focus Group

Countless studies indicate that to help children reach their full potential, parental involvement is a must. Improved academic achievement, a greater respect for the overall importance of education, eagerness to maximize post-graduation opportunities, and an attitude of service are only a few of the benefits realized when active parents/guardians model the way. A Hero Within – Parent Assembly & Focus Group reinforces the facets that comprise this overall program. Parents are prompted by program founder Paul Vitale to: realize the impact of parental involvement; advocate for their children inside and outside of the classroom; partner with schools, communities, and like-minded parents with an attitude of positive collaboration; continue being aware of the challenges associated with social media; and share and foster support to increase the likelihood of positive outcomes for their children. Promoting the cooperation and support of parents provides increased opportunities for strengthening the future and ensuring the success of students today. (3-hour time block)

For additional information on how you can implement this impactful program, contact Paul today!