Facilitating Meetings & Discussions

The business world today revolves around a productive exchange of ideas, practices, and goals, typically conducted in a properly facilitated forum. Organized procedures aligned with active and eager participation are often determining factors for a meeting’s effectiveness and success. A general rule of thumb is that efficient meetings are 80% preparation and 20% execution.

Proper facilitation is one of the most important ingredients for productive, beneficial meetings and discussions. Understanding your clear objectives, helping you to achieve them, and expediting the process are keys to Paul’s effectiveness as your meeting’s moderator.

As your facilitator, Paul will assume responsibilities that include:

  • Initiating agenda items or proposals
  • Presenting talking points, expectations, and questions
  • Facilitating discussion and objections
  • Maintaining focus and guiding the group
  • Encouraging brainstorming and open discussion
  • Capturing and delegating action items
  • Expediting a timely and orderly meeting
  • Preventing information overload
  • Following up on all action items assigned

If needed, Paul will employ Robert’s Rules of Order through knowledge of Parliamentary procedure, conduct attendee introductions and expectations, and guide other meeting procedures as requested, while maintaining the focus of a timely and orderly discussion.

Crucial to his success as a facilitator, Paul will engage your group through communication by encouraging practices such as:

  • Addressing others with respect
  • Mutual accountability between members and the facilitator
  • Minimizing or eliminating distractions
  • Keeping emotions at bay
  • Listening effectively versus speaking
  • Reading members’ gear changes
  • Encouraging feedback
  • Executing an effective question and answer session

By encouraging individuals through positive actions, the participants will leave empowered with a greater understanding and respect for diversity, united for a common cause.

For more information on how this facilitating service can be an asset to your organization, please contact Paul today.