Investing in a suitable speaker who is the perfect fit for your group is a great responsibility. Whether looking for a dynamic keynote presenter, a trainer who will educate and empower your team, a versatile facilitator, a strategic coach, or an expert consultant, Paul Vitale will be a tremendous asset to your overall plan.

With a range of topics that includes leadership, motivation, teamwork, customer service, sales, character development, and community partnerships, Paul brings a wealth of experience and knowledge to your event. His abundance of enthusiasm, passion for life, and unparalleled ability to relate to individuals through his own personal experiences empower his audience to act on the ideas and lessons he offers. Paul's effectiveness knows no boundaries, engaging audiences of all ages and walks of life.

When away from the stage, Paul works one-on-one or in large group settings as a facilitator, coach, and consultant. Utilizing a genuine understanding of the objectives of your group, as the facilitator he brings a feeling of being “one of us” to the table. Paul’s ability to listen and discern while guiding your group guarantees the success of your meeting. In his role as either a strategic coach or consultant, Paul shares targeted expertise while offering key techniques and honing skills that will have a major impact in reaching professional as well as personal goals.

If you are looking for a speaker, trainer, facilitator, strategic coach, or consultant driven by integrity and enthusiasm, able to motivate and inspire, you have found him in Professional Speaker and Author Paul Vitale. His knowledge and experience; his in-depth research and analysis; his energy and personable demeanor while on stage; his eagerness to interact with the audience; and the excitement he projects while visiting with individuals or signing his books will all add up to a successful outcome!