Voices from the Audience

“I received numerous compliments regarding your level of enthusiasm, method of delivery, and inspirational content from members of the audience in the weeks following our event. The passion and sincerity that you exhibited re-affirmed the decision to select you as our keynote speaker.”
Kevin - Jacksonville, Florida

“I attended your seminar today at Summit Arena and was totally wowed!! Being an elementary fifth grade school teacher, that is not easily done. I was completely captivated by you, your presentation, and your ability to connect with each person in the room. I bought two of your books and am thrilled. Keep doing what you are doing!”
Betty - Hot Springs, Arkansas

“Paul spoke to our group of 300 Greek leaders about inspired teamwork and leadership. He brilliantly supplemented what we strive to instill in our students on a daily basis. The students were engaged and continued their excitement and discussion of Paul’s words into the following days.”
Jill - Harrisonburg, Virginia

“Your enthusiasm, passion, and commitment to your message were well received by everyone in attendance. It is obvious that you stand behind and believe deeply in what you are conveying. Your message is one that should be heard by all.”
Frank - Bryant, Arkansas

“Thank you so much for coming to speak to our staff! It is such a treat to listen to you and watch you 'dance' across the floor. I know everyone here loved it and walked away inspired. One person said they could listen to you all day. You are an awesome speaker and we appreciate you!”
Wynter - Little Rock, Arkansas

“I was so inspired by your talk at the AIA conference in Albuquerque! What a 'shot in the arm' your presentation was; reawakening my desire to do my best even when I am faced with things out of my control. You reminded me that I may not be able to control what happens to me, but I sure as heck can control my response and I can make a difference if I am positive. Thanks again for coming to our conference.”
Joan - Albuquerque, New Mexico

“We truly enjoy your sessions. You always make it relevant to us and our situations, which keeps it interesting. Also, your format keeps my attention. Since everyone learns differently, I think you have a great combination of speaking, videos, cartoons, and interaction with the audience. I hope to see you at another one of our local or state-wide events in the future.”
Scott - Little Rock, Arkansas

“Words cannot fully explain how grateful I am to you for recommending Paul Vitale. All I can say is lives were changed because of his message, his inspiration, and his unbelievable ability to hit grand slams when thrown curve balls, fast pitches, and more from our principals. We absolutely had the best Leadership Retreat ever, and I attribute a large part of it to Paul.”
Cindy - Austin, Texas

“Paul was fantastic. I would like to take more workshops with him as the trainer!”
Nila - Palm Beach Gardens, Florida

“Just wanted to let you know that it was great meeting you and I enjoyed your presentation to AACUBO very much. You have made an impact on my attitude, something I have wanted to change for quite some time, and I hope I can continue to be upbeat. I have really needed a positive message lately and you hit the nail on the head. The timing for me was perfect! Our university has gone through some struggles recently with morale and motivation, so I am going to suggest to our Chancellor today that we invite you up to do a motivational presentation to our faculty and staff.”
John - Mountain Home, Arkansas