Sell With Confidence Instructor’s Guide

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The Sell With Confidence—Unlock Your Potential Instructor’s Guide has been created as a valuable resource for training individuals eager to learn fresh and innovative approaches to the age-old topic of salesmanship. It doesn’t matter where a person falls on the employment ladder: whether they have yet to enter the workforce or are in the process of completing an internship program, beginning a career as a new employee or working diligently as a seasoned veteran; the content found within this guide is instrumental in learning the fundamentals of salesmanship, pitching with confidence, and providing quality customer care.

The companion instructional resource to the book Sell With Confidence, this guide encourages participants to recognize their potential no matter the product, service, cause, or idea being promoted. From the first page to the last, this manual will assist instructors as they challenge students to take hold of the practical ideas that help polish sales methods and increase productivity, including how to handle objections gracefully, methods utilized to transform leads into sales, and techniques used when honing an effective approach. Thought-provoking lesson objectives, discussion points, interactive activities, self-directed learning challenges, and much more make the Sell With Confidence—Unlock Your Potential Instructor’s Guide an effective tool for both instructors and students determined to sharpen skills while unlocking their greatest potential.