Dazzle Them With Customer Service Teacher’s Guide

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From corporate trainings to career and technical education, the Dazzle Them With Customer Service Teacher’s Guide instills in each participant the many basic fundamentals of quality customer service. The interactive exercises within this course will assist trainers and educators, while teaching the importance of making a good first impression and meeting the expectations of each customer. The 15 units contained in Section I: Understanding the Customer, Section II: Your Impact on the Customer, and Section III: Internal and External Customers will give participants a good understanding of the concepts presented, as well as a secure foundation on which to build a strong work ethic and excellent customer service. The 63-page guide includes a PowerPoint presentation on CD, a customer service reference card, and handouts consisting of short quizzes, puzzles, and interactive exercises. The investment in this guide will be returned a thousand-fold by customer satisfaction and loyalty!