A Hero Within® Complete Curriculum Kit

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A Hero Within® – Today’s Youth • Tomorrow’s Leaders Complete Curriculum Kit is a compelling and interactive curriculum intended to prepare students to succeed in this ever-changing world. From the classroom to the workplace, the lessons found in this curriculum engage, challenge, and encourage students to leave an everlasting mark.

Each of the three interactive units in this rigorous curriculum can be used independently. These units – “The Inner Workings of a Hero,” “Providing Heroic Customer Service,” and “Presenting a Heroic Message” – offer favorable amounts of learning materials, activities, and resources for the instructor, counselor, or administrator.

The seven powerful components found in this curriculum kit include:

  • A Hero Within® ring-bound master manual
  • PowerPoint correlated to curriculum units
  • Teacher’s Resource CD more info
  • Are You Puzzled by the Puzzle of Life? paperback book (30)*
  • Pass It On paperback book (30)*
  • Live Life Like You Mean It audio CD (30)*
  • The Pass It On activity notecard (30)*

Also included are the following complimentary items:

  • “I’m Committed to Be a Hero” pencils (30)
  • Four-color circular bookmarks (30)
  • “MAKE TODAY COUNT” wristbands (30)
  • Full-color program posters (6)
  • Glossy stickers (100)

*For use with lessons scattered throughout the curriculum

The components and activities are designed to incorporate academic skills while engaging multiple intelligences throughout. A Hero Within® – Today’s Youth • Tomorrow’s Leaders is not only an excellent coaching guide for STAR or other student organizations’ competitive events, career and technical education classes as well as ELL students will also find great benefit in the materials.

If you are searching for an effective across-the-board curriculum, A Hero Within® – Today’s Youth • Tomorrow’s Leaders Complete Curriculum Kit has been developed for you!

“Thank you for coming up with so many activities and scenarios that teachers struggle to find time to develop themselves. This is an excellent guide and resource for instructors!"
Crowley’s Ridge Educational Service Cooperative Instructor